Mission#7 「MODEL」


前回のchampでもあるYamのたっての希望で、今回のMissionはModel撮影会。撮影場所、これもまたYamのたっての希望で、Paint artのある廃墟を選定。Takoのbest choiceで理想的な環境の中、Yamはタイでの最後を飾ることができたのか?

Text by Kung

【translation by Yam】
Yam will be leaving Thailand pretty soon.
Although we could only execute a few missions, SPPC founded just over a year ago has effected Tom, Yam & Kung’s photo life immensely. It was pretty much a serious photo session, sharing information and holding passionate discussions concerning the photos taken. Good times, and hope to stay bonded wherever we may be.

Now, back to the mission.
Yam, being the champion of the last mission had set up this mission’s theme to be MODEL portraits. Location, yet again a strong request from Yam, had been set to be an abandoned building with colorful spray paintings. Under the ideal location chosen by Tako, was Yam able to satisfy himself on his last mission in Thailand?


best of TIP

"desolation" Photo by Tom

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